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There are more and more people who would really love to move to a bigger home. And their number 1 reason is typically that they need more space. But their current financial solution may not allow it.

Well we've got a solution - move up rather than out.

Creating a basic conversion in your attic to provide usable loft storage could have an incredibly positive impact on the rest of your home.

Freeing up the clutter from your kitchen cupboards - dinner sets that only come out at Christmas, the keyboard that never gets used in the living room or all those clothes in your wardrobe that you don't want to throw out, just in case! What about that exercise bike, or weights bench that rarely gets used. Imaging if you could remove all that clutter from your everyday living space but have it somewhere that it could be easily accessed on a daily basis - just in case.

We couldn't recommend a basic loft conversion more. It'll cost you approximately €5000 but the changes it'll allow in the rest of your home will be worth it.

Here are a few important recommendations you should consider:

The first thing you will need to consider is access. It is important at this stage to think about how often you will be using the attic and how important to you is it that you can use it with ease. If your budget is very limited and you want to keep things as straight forward as possible (and are handy with DIY) you could easily install a specialist loft ladder yourself. However there are quite a few companies around the country who specialise in this type of project and who might be able to get the job done much more professionally and quickly!

Once you have proper access to your attic you will be able to easily access your attic in the future - you will no longer need to get the rickety old ladder taken from the shed!

If you feel you will need to access your attic on a regular basis or are considering further converting your attic in the future it might be a good idea, if your budget stretches at this stage, to install a full attic stairs which will make your new storage space even more user friendly.

You will need to lay suitable flooring. Some plywood and carpet or linoleum would be sufficient. You will need to check the spacing between the joists to ensure they can bare the necessary load as it might impact the thinckness and quality of plywood which should be used. Always check with an attic expert, engineer, or architect to get advice on how much weight which is required to be held by the floor.

For a more pleasant enviroment you might consider boarding over any exposed ceiling joists also. However, again, you should consult with an expert to ensure you are fully compliant with fire safety regulations.

Your next step will be introduce more light into the space. At the most basic level this can be achieved through the addition of a basic celing light. Some recessed lighting would be nicer again. You should employ a fully qualified electrician for this step. They will get the job done in a most efficient manner without causing any hazards to the safety of others. You can opt to install a two-way switch which will turn the lights on and off from the bottom and top of the ladder or stairs.

For more natural light, but at a greater cost, you should look into velux windows. The addition of a window will really transform this space from a loft to an additional room in your home.

Some sleek smart and functional storage will really make all the difference in this space and finish it off. You don't want your new space to become a dump room. Try and keep it as organised as possible. Really think in advance about what you will store here: Hoovers, ironing boards, clothes, shoes. Ikea have some amazing storage solutions. And you could get a handyman for about €60 per hour to assemble it all in a day or two.

Installing a steam shower in your bathroom may be costly. However, the benefits that come with bathing in a steam shower daily cannot be ignored. You can actually get more out of this home improvement investment besides giving your bathroom a more upscale feel.

Purchasing a steam shower is more complicated compared to getting a washing machine. You need a professional contractor to install it in your home. You should also consider the moisture that will be produced. This may mean additional renovation or modification to your existing bathroom. You need to keep in mind that moisture can cause damage to your walls, paint, wallpaper, and even other parts of the home.

You can mix style with comfort and health benefits when you get a steam shower for your home. The benefits of installing a steam shower will far outweigh the cost of your investment. Specifically, a steam shower can help you:

  1. Manage your stress.

One of the top reasons people take steam showers is for stress management. You can treat yourself to relaxation and cleanliness and enhance your body’s vitality. After a long day’s work, stepping into a steam shower will relax the body and mind. The heat will cause the muscles to loosen up and reduce the tension and fatigue. Steam showers are also known to improve sleep.

  1. Improve overall health.

A daily steam shower will enhance your blood circulation and enrich your general well-being. After a good workout routine, a steam shower and a cold bath will help flush out metabolic muscle waste. This is a good recovery for the body as the alternating heat and cold will clear up the capillaries in the muscles by initiating a pumping action.

  1. Get healthy skin.

Steam showers are good to make your skin healthy as you wash out dead skin cells on a regular basis and hydrate your skin. When you stay in the steam shower for about twenty minutes, you will find that skin blemishes like blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples will be reduced. The heat will also soften facial and bodily hair so you can reduce razor burn.

  1. Make showering a spa experience.

A steam shower is like a home spa. It is an enclosed room that is vapor-tight. The steam generator will heat water to create vapor and provide a relaxing way for you to take a shower. You will sit on a bench and just relax while you let the steam do all the work. It is like a conventional shower with the benefits of steam and the comforts of a tub.

  1. Create a luxurious bathroom look.

Another advantage of having a steam shower is that it will make your bathroom look plush and smart. Many modern steam shower enclosures make beautiful centerpieces. Other enclosures even have mood lighting and can play piped-in music to help you relax as you take a shower.

You can get models that are custom-built or complete DIY Steam shower Kits . Modular units are the easiest to buy and install.

Steam showers are made of materials that are resistant to hot vapor. Most enclosures have water controls and a number of shower heads.


How to Install a Surround Sound Home Cinema – Top Tips

Installing a surround sound system in your home can greatly enhance your TV and movie viewing as well as your video game playing. A surround sound home cinema enriches the sound quality by distributing the sounds through speakers, AV receiver, and subwoofer. You can get the model that will suit your preferences.

Surround sound systems are available in electronics shops or online. They are also easy to install once you understand the basic concepts behind the different components, but it may take considerable effort and time. Listed below are some useful installation tips:

  1. Choose the best location for the components.

You can choose between a 5.1 or a 7.1 surround system. The 7.1 system has seven speakers while the 5.1 has five. It is important that you decide on the best location for your speakers because you need to keep one opposite your entertainment center. The other speakers can be placed on scattered locations across the room for better sound quality.

  1. Understand the components of the surround sound system.BH9530TW_Offset_B

You have to know the function of the Av receiver and the subwoofer so you can understand where they go. Proper placement will give you better sound quality. For example, when the subwoofer is positioned in a corner of the room, you will achieve high bass levels.

  1. Check the speaker labels

The speaker that is labeled “center” should naturally be placed in the center, facing the entertainment system. If labeled “left” or “right”, they should be placed accordingly.

  1. Test your speakers before mounting them.

Before you install them, make sure that the speakers are working properly by testing them individually. It is best to use the same CD for testing all the speakers.

  1. Be familiar with the wiring.

Check the accompanying manual so that you can understand the wiring system and the different wires of your surround sound home cinema. If you are unclear about the information, contact the manufacturer. If you are not familiar with anything that has to do with wires or if you do not have enough time, it is best to ask a technician to install it for you.

  1. Use mounting kits.

5503-631_ph_pole_mount_bracket_f_1207Speakers can be placed in walls or ceilings to maximize sound quality and space. Make sure that you use mounting kits to attach them properly. Stud finders will also help you check if the screws are tightly installed.

  1. Wire carefully.

Wires should be installed inside wall moldings or near them for aesthetic purposes.20140930_091148 They can also be installed under carpets. It is best to measure wires before you cut them.

  1. Exercise caution.

As it is when working with anything that has wires, you need to make sure that the power is turned off before installing speakers so that you avoid the risk of electric shock.

  1. Always turn the volume down.

Speaker volumes should be at correct levels; otherwise, they can produce jarring noises and affect overall sound quality.

You can also get rid of hum problems by installing a transformer between your television screen and the cable box. You can also use a different power source for your subwoofer to achieve that purpose. Another useful tip is to route cables through your AV receiver before you install it on your television. This technique can help you see the menu of the receiver on-screen and will not affect the quality of the video.

Surround sound home cinema systems will make your viewing or gaming experience extra memorable. Make sure you get the best brand and model and to install it properly to get the best value for your investment.

Wicker furniture is timeless, it may come and go as a fashionable household item or even a garden dining set, however it's a classic material from the Loom chair through to the copycat Rattan garden ware we are used to seeing adorning even the simplistic of gardens.

See the timeline below dating back as far as maybe 3000bc where the carefully woven reeds were transformed into intricate pieces of furniture by the Egyptians.

The Evolution of Wicker Furniture Design

The good old British shed, generally associated with storing your tools, potting plants and anything else you don't want on display in the house. Recently this has changed with the recent showing of "Shed of the Year" TV programme, now in its 3rd year, this has inspired many Brits to look at that dull creosoted wooden monstrosity as something completely different.

There are literally hundreds of examples on the net, we have hand picked a few, but why not check out a comprehensive list here


Shed Conversion


Post Office Shed


Doctor Who Shed


Church Shed
Beach Bar Shed
Railway Shed
Yoga Shed
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If you have some spare space in your home or garage, then why waste your money on gym membership each month. You can keep it basic or go to town and really re-create the local gym in your own house.

In this post we give you some inspiration on what you can and cant do, if your budget is tight, there is always plenty of second hand equipment available on sites such as gumtree.

Let us know your ideas or even send us your own snaps.


Home Gyms 1
two-car-garage-turned-into-spacious-home-hym (1)
Not cheap - custom home Gym
Gym conversion for home


Home improvements may include painting, installing flooring or converting rooms into usable living spaces. While it can be costly at the time, home improvements allow you to get a high return on your investment. You can increase the value of your property by as much as 70 to 85 percent by remodeling or improving it. For example, you have an unfinished attic or a modest bathroom. Making the space more elaborate or more comfortable will add value to your home not only in terms of resale value but also your present living conditions.

Like any conversion project, renovating an attic will require you to make a few considerations that have to be balanced. You have to contemplate on the purpose of the renovation, the architectural limitations, your preferences and your budget. Here are some useful tips that can help you decide how to convert your attic and maximize your space.

  1. Make sure you check the structure.

Not all attic constructions are the same. However, there are some standard practices that can help you. For example, the rule of 7s say that a completed attic should be a minimum of 7 feet in height, 7 feet in width, and have an area of 70 square feet. A professional can help you assess your existing structure as well as the integrity of your foundation and frames.

  1. Use natural lighting.

Of course, not all attics have a lot of windows, and some may not even have any windows at all. But you have to consider that natural light is essential if you are going to transform your attic into a usable living space such as a bedroom, entertainment room, home office or family room. Adding a window can be difficult especially if you have a sloped ceiling. If that is the case, you can try to add dormers although they are costly and can eat up wall space.

The better option is to use roof windows or a skylight. Using solar-powered blinds and skylights is not only energy-efficient, but also a beautiful addition that can provide natural light to your attic room. The purchase and installation of solar-powered products will even earn you a tax credit. Using room windows also provide good ventilation. Additionally, you can meet building code requirements as you can use roof windows as emergency exits.

  1. Check the access.
    Check the access

If your attic is going to be converted into a room, make sure that you have permanent access such as a staircase. It can be a spiral staircase or a fixed ladder that will minimize space. The steps don’t have to be wide but there should be adequate head height.

  1. Make sure you understand heating and cooling requirements.
    heating and cooling requirements

Your attic should be comfortable and since it can be too cold or too hot in it depending on the climate, you should check existing insulation. You need to plan carefully if you are going to increase insulation. Do not spare your resources when it comes to investing in insulation. You can use spray foam because it can add a tight air barrier to the existing insulation system via easy application. You can install an air-conditioning system, heating system and ventilation to make the converted room more livable.

  1. You should consider easy plumbing.
    consider easy plumbing

Adding a bathroom is a great investment that will increase your home’s value. If you are converting the attic into an extra bathroom, you have to check out if there are existing pipes. If not, you can use flush-ups as an alternative. Without too much traditional plumbing construction, you can install showers, sinks, bath tubs and toilets. Moreover, they cost less.

You may need to invest time, effort, and extra money in converting your attic, but it is going to be worth it.

Furniture should be maintained in good condition and cleaned regularly. Dust can accumulate, spills can happen, and stain marks can remain. Over time, furniture and soft furnishings can get old and dirty, but you can make them look new and fresh by following a few simple tips.

  1. Vacuum away.

Sweeping can cause dust particles to move around and settle on your furniture. Thus, make it a point to clean your floor by using a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom.

One of the best ways to keep your furniture and soft furnishings clean and fresh is to vacuum them. When people think of vacuum cleaners, they often think of carpets. However, most vacuum cleaners come with different attachments that you can use to clean furniture and keep the dust off soft furnishings. The vacuum will trap allergens present in your soft furnishings, especially if you run it through the area about 8 to 10 times.

You need to get a vacuum cleaner with an efficient filtration system. A good vacuum cleaner will effectively remove irritants, allergens, or particles that may cause asthma and other health conditions. A HEPA filter will collect about 99 percent of the allergens that are present in your furniture or soft furnishings. It can suck up particles that are 0.3 microns in size. To give you an idea of the size, a strand of human hair is about 60 microns thick.

It is wise to get a cordless vacuum so that you can manipulate the machine without8465325_orig having to worry about the logistics. A good tip to remember is to use vacuum cleaners until the bags are half filled. This way, the suction capacity will not be reduced and the airflow is enough to collect dirt and dust effectively. Be sure to empty the bags outside the house so that the particles will not go back inside. Additionally, you should remember to replace HEPA filters every six months to ensure the vacuum’s optimum performance.

  1. Use a clean cloth when you wipe furniture. Never use a dirty cloth because you will only push the dirt into the furniture’s surface and cause scratches. It is also ideal to use damp cloth instead of feather dusters to remove dust; otherwise, you will just scatter the particles just as when you are sweeping with a broom.


  1. Make sure that pets do not stay on your furniture and soft furnishings. Their dander will cause your dust to gather and settle.


  1. Vents should be cleaned regularly, at least once a year. The dust that settles in the vents can get to your furniture and soft furnishings. It is also recommended to change the filters consistently so you do not blow dust into your home when you turn on your heating or air conditioning.


  1. After dusting, use dryer sheets that are softened with fabric softener to prevent dust from sticking. Not only will this keep dust off your future, but your furniture will smell fresh and clean.


  1. If the upholstery looks dingy or has a lot of stains, you should vacuum it then remove pet dander before you blot stains. Make sure that you use white cloth.banner_2
  1. When washing removable furniture covers, turn them inside out. If a cover is stained, pre-soak it before washing.


  1. You can also make a homemade cleaning solution for upholstery that is made for fabric. Add a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent to a pint of water. For stains, mix half a cup of vinegar to a glass of water.


While other upholstery, such as those made of synthetic nylon and polyester, can be cleaned easily without the worry of fading colors, some upholstery should be cleaned professionally. It is best to avoid acidic chemicals and other cleaning solutions that can ruin your upholstery.